Plants for sale

From time to time I have various plants to sell that are surplus to my requirements.

These generally are grown on in 9 cm, 1 litre, 2 litre or 3 litre pots and are available for collection from me at my home.  Please telephone me on 01639 722105 or e mail if you wish to to have a look at the plants I have for sale and we can fix a time and date for you to visit.

In the case of 9 cm pots, due to their size, up to 6, sometimes 8, can be sent out in a small boxed parcel by Royal Mail. The postage and packaging cost is £3.95, plants costs are generally from £1.20 to £2.50 each depending on variety.



Unfortunately due to high demand in 2018 I currently have no plants available for sale via the post. Expected to be available from 1 March 2019 are Comfrey and Eucalyptus Gunnii plants. There will be other plants for sale from that date, please revisit this web page from 1 March 2019. 



Comfrey “Bocking 14”

Comfrey is used as a green manure, its leaves make an excellent liquid feed for plants that is both high in potash and minerals. Great for feeding tomatoes and other plants.

Comfrey is a perennial plant that grows rapidly. It has many other uses including use as an activator in compost heaps to speed up decomposition of other plant material.

Growing comfrey is a great way of ‘gardening on a budget’ as once you have the plants growing well the leaves can be chopped back and used time after time. The comfrey variety I have is “Bocking 14” , this does not self-seed.

I can supply 5 Comfrey plants in 9 cm pots sent by second class post in a strong cardboard box as a small parcel for £10.00 inclusive of postage and packing.

Eucalyptus Gunnii


Eucalyptus Gunnii

Eucalyptus gunnii is a large evergreen tree or large shrub with peeling cream and brown bark and bright glaucous-blue, rounded foliage. It is a plant much valued by flower arrangers for its lovely foliage that adds interest when added to arrangements of flowers or to floral art.

My plants have been grown from seed and have been pruned to form a bush shape specifically to produce lots of foliage that in time, as the plant grows larger, can be cut and cut again for use in flower arrangements and floral art.

Eucalyptus does best when planted in full sun and in colder areas needs a sheltered spot. Although eucalyptus can grow to a very large height as a tree in the right conditions, by regular pruning and using the cut foliage as described it will take the shape of a large shrub and can be kept to the size required.

Plants are supplied in 9 cm. round pots and are 100 mm to 150 mm in height. I can supply five Eucalyptus Gunnii plants sent out in a strong cardboard box as a small parcel by Royal Mail second class post for £15.00 inclusive of postage and packing.



Orders for plants can be placed by e mail addressed to me at   . I need to know your name, full address and postcode, as well as your telephone number.

Payment is made when an order is placed. I can accept payment for the plants by PayPal or by Faster Payment bank transfer. Once I have received an order for plants I will e mail back my full PayPal account and Bank Account details with an invoice for payment to be made. Once payment is made the plants will be dispatched by Royal Mail second class parcel service.

Please feel free to contact me at any time for more information if needed.