Welcome to my website.

If you are an official of a gardening club, society or organisation and are looking for highly visual gardening quizzes to use for the entertainment and enjoyment of members of your organisation then look no further.

My gardening quizzes are very different because the questions, and answers, are presented as colourful digital slideshows with text and photographs.

I supply the quizzes on a USB memory stick for viewing on a computer and projecting to a screen or via a television, the choice is yours. I explain how best to present and play the quizzes and provide all the supportive documentation.

Alternatively my quizzes can be supplied on a CD. If this is your preferred choice then let me know when placing an order.


Within the UK gardening is enjoyed by millions of people. My quizzes are popular not only with gardening clubs and societies but also with other groups and organisations including, for example, some Women’s Institutes and Universities of the Third Age.

The costs of my quizzes usually compares very favourably to the cost of hiring speakers for club meetings, the quizzes are a cost effective alternative and offer something different. Indeed a quiz afternoon or evening can be lots of fun.

Whether people are new to gardening, or more experienced, I have a unique product for their education, entertainment and enjoyment.


It is impossible at present for members of gardening clubs and societies to meet up as they would normally do at a venue due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Hopefully this situation will change in the not too distant future as more and more people receive vaccinations.

In the meantime some gardening clubs and societies are organising meetings with their members using the internet and Zoom. As all my gardening quizzes are created using Microsoft PowerPoint it is possible to present one of the quizzes at a Zoom meeting. Indeed a number of organisations have advised me that my gardening quizzes have been positively received by their members using this innovative method of presentation.

If you would like more information about using Zoom to organise meetings and presentations please visit zoom.us

If you need more specific advice or information on presenting one of my gardening quizzes using Zoom then please get in touch with me by e mail grahamquiz@aol.com 

I will be happy to help and advise.


I receive lots of positive comments about my gardening quizzes, please take a minute to look at the FEEDBACK RECEIVED page of this website.

My website contains the following pages, you can view these pages by either clicking on the page heading on the navigation bar or by clicking on the page heading below                                                                                                                                                                                                                  About the quizzes                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   How to play                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Sample questions and answers                                                                                                                                                                                                            What’s available                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Feedback received                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Pricing and how to buy


I have a Christmas themed gardening quiz available. This quiz contains mixed gardening questions all related to Christmas. Slides in this quiz feature animations , some moving, that add to the enjoyment of the quiz. My Christmas gardening quiz is ideal for use near Christmas and will add to the fun and enjoyment of any social gathering or event.


Due to the Coronavirus situation collection of plants from my home (see below) has been suspended. Delivery can still be arranged.

I  offer container grown plants for sale. The plants are collected from me at home in the case of pots up to, and over, 1 litre in size.

In the case of plants in 9 cm, or smaller size pots, these can be delivered by Royal Mail second class small parcel post. Plants are sent out in their pots in strong cardboard tubes or boxes. Delivery is tracked but a signature on receipt is not required. All plants are subject to availability.

The easiest way to see what plants I have for sale at any one time is to visit my eBay seller page. Please click on the link below that will take you directly to my eBay selling page.                


The majority of my plants become available for sale on eBay from March each year.


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