How to play

My quizzes can be played by any size of groups of people with an interest in gardening.

These include members of gardening clubs, horticultural societies, allotment groups, floral art societies, womens institutes,  universities of the third age and other organisations.

With larger numbers of people each quiz is best played using a laptop computer and digital projector with the slides projected to a large screen.

If you have Microsoft PowerPoint software installed on your computer then the gardening quiz slideshows can be played and no further action is required.

If you do not have Microsoft PowerPoint software installed on your computer then I can provide Microsoft Power Point Viewer software on the USB memory stick with the quiz slideshows, at no additional cost. Simply download and install this Viewer software on your computer and this will enable the quiz slideshows to be viewed and played.

A quiz master needs to be appointed. Quiz teams usually made up of 3 or 5 people, are set up and names chosen by all the teams participating. Each team is issued with a quiz answers record to write down their choice of answer, A or B or C or D, to each question. The answers records need to be printed off before the quiz is played, from a Word file on the USB memory stick I supply.

With the quiz teams organised, the quiz master starts playing the quiz questions slideshow, moving from slide to slide and question to question, by pressing the down arrow key on the computer keyboard. The quiz teams are allowed sufficient time to answer each question. Time deadlines for answering each question can be set if required and controlled by the quiz master.

Teams record their answers on the quiz answer record sheets. Once all 24 quiz questions have been answered  a comfort / tea / coffee break can be organised.

Before the quiz master plays the quiz answers slideshow, each team’s answers record is passed to another team ready to mark. The quiz master then plays the quiz answers slideshow, moving from slide to slide and answer to answer. The correct answer is underlined in each slide. If the question has been answered correctly it is marked as such by circling it on the answers record.

The quiz master has the option of giving out more information about the answers as the slideshow is played, making the quiz more interesting. This additional information is printable from another Word file I supply on the USB memory stick. 

When all the answers have been given out, the number of circled answers on each answers record is totalled to give each team’s score out of 24 points. I suggest prizes are given to the teams coming 1st, 2nd and 3rd, with possibly a booby prize for the team coming last.

For smaller clubs or groups that do not have access to a digital projector there is an option to play the quiz on a laptop computer to a small group of people. Another option is to connect a laptop computer to a television, if the tv is so enabled. This way more people would be able to see the slideshow on the larger tv screen.

Full instructions on how best to organise your gardening quiz can be found on the USB memory stick supplied along with all other associated information.

If you have any questions on playing the quizzes please contact us, I’ll be happy to help and advise.

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