About the quizzes

The questions in each quiz are wide ranging and are about herbs, fruit, vegetables, flowers, shrubs, climbers as well as many other gardening related topics.

Each quiz contains 24 questions, all presented as slides in a digital PowerPoint slideshow. As each question is displayed the correct answer is chosen from the four options presented, either A, B, C or D, and recorded on the quiz answer record. The quiz answers slides are then played and the answers are marked and the score is totalled. The maximum score achievable for any one quiz is 24 points, with one point awarded for each correct answer. Have a look at the ‘sample questions and answers’ and  ‘how to play’ web pages.

The quiz questions have been devised, and the slideshows prepared, by me Graham Morris. A couple of the quizzes were played to members at my local gardening club and were an instant hit. The quizzes were then refined and were subsequently sought out by other gardening clubs and societies. In response to the positive feedback received, I decided to make my quizzes available to a wider audience and launched this website.

I have held an interest in gardening from a young age. For 10 years I ran my own horticultural business growing and selling plants. I have also lectured on gardening within the community for the Welsh College of Horticulture and the University of Glamorgan.

Should you wish to read some of the feedback I have received in writing from representatives of organisations about my gardening quizzes please have a look at the ‘feedback received’ web page

My contact details can be found on the ‘pricing and how to buy’ web page.

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